Flow measurement in liquids

Flow measurement of clean liquids and liquids with high solids content. Traditional flowmeters which can measure on pipe sizes from a few millimeters, and "Clamp On" flow meters, which can measure on pipe dimensions of up to several meters. 

Vortex Flow sensors from Huba Controls

OEM Flow sensor type 200
Flow sensor type 210
Flow Sensor type 230 

Magnetic inductive

Meter for measuring liquids.

Hans Buch offers a series of Yamatake meters primarily for use in the industry including Food, Pharma, Chemical, etc. 

Positive displacement

For measuring oil or other liquids with high viscosity. Requires no conductivity. 

"Variable area", or VA meters

Mechanical flowmeter with float that moves depending on the flow. Available with an indutiv sensor and are therefore often used as a flow switch. Simple and inexpensive measuring principle.

Hans Buch can offer a broad range of VA (variable area) flowmeters, from several different vendors.

The flowmeters are available for both liquids and gases. The program covers from inexpensive OEM types to very expensive instruments with high accuracy.

A series of VA meters are available with displays instrument and is also available with analog output for use in control / regulatory duties. 

Measuring flow in open channels

common and cost effective way of measuring flow in open channels is through a kind of narrowing of the trench or canal and then conduct a level measurement. 

Huba OEM Flow sensor type 200 
Huba Flow sensor type 210 
Huba Flow sensor type 230